Go Places. Touch Things.

How we became a sanitizing sensation.

If we were all superheroes, we could have super germ-killing powers. And really cool capes. That’s why we created Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer. Learn how we gave you the power to Fight Germs with Your Bare Hands® .

Germ-X History…

Vi-Jon, Inc., the makers of Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer, got its start over 100 years ago when a young salesman named John Brunner invested $400 to start the Peroxide Specialty Company in St. Louis, Missouri.  The company continued to expand into cosmetics, mouthwash, and other health and beauty care categories throughout the 20th century. Now, as one of the nation’s oldest private brand health and beauty Care companies, Vi-Jon continues to serve retailers throughout North America.

In 1994 Vi-Jon began manufacturing antibacterial soap, the precursor to the Germ-X line. Just three years later the first bottles of Germ-X Hand Sanitizer entered the market to meet the growing consumer demand for a waterless hand sanitizing product.

Today, Germ-X continues to provide customers with a reliable product that kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs in as little as 15 seconds. With a variety of sizes, forms and fragrances, Germ-X is the perfect alternative when soap and water aren’t available.