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Product FAQs: Hand Sanitizer

What Is Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer And What Does It Do?
Germ-X® hand sanitizer is a waterless hand rub that kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs in as little as 15 seconds, without soap and water. It leaves your hands feeling refreshed and soft.
How Do I Use Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer?
First, apply the sanitizer to the palm of your hand. Then, simply rub throughout all surfaces of your hands and fingers until the product is dry.
What Ingredients Are In Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer?
The active and inactive ingredients may vary across Germ-X® products. Please reference a specific Germ-X® product page to view that product’s ingredient list.
How Often Do I Use Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer?
We recommend using Germ-X® to kill many common harmful germs & bacteria any time you can’t wash with soap and water. You can use it as often as you need to, around the house, on the job or when you're on the go.
How Long Does Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer Work?
Germ-X® has no residual germ-killing effect. It kills many common harmful germs on contact, but once it evaporates, the germ-killing action stops.
How does Germ-X® kill 99.99% of Germs?
The active ingredient in our liquid hand sanitizers, ethyl alcohol, breaks down the germs’ cell walls, causing them to die.
How Do I Get The Pump On My Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer To Pop Up?
- First, make sure the cap is on the bottle good and tight. 
- Then look for the directional arrow on the top of the pump, to show you which way to rotate the pump (counter clockwise).
- While turning the pump in the direction of the arrow, press down and add a bit of pressure. This will release the pump. 
- If the pump will still not release, please call our Consumer Service Specialist at 1-866-MYGERMX or 1-866-694-3769.
My Germ-X® Is Past The Expiration Date. Is It Still Okay To Use?
All drugs regulated by the FDA require expiration dates. These dates guarantee the effectiveness of the product. Once the expiration date has passed we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer.